Ah. Another tricky one. As the official Keeper of the One True Copy, Terry physically wrote more of Draft 1 than Neil. But if 2,000 words are written down after a lot of excited shouting, it’s a moot point whose words they are. And, in any case, as a matter of honor both of them rewrote and footnoted the other guy’s stuff, and both can write passably in the other guy’s style. The Agnes Nutter scenes and the kids mostly originated with Terry, the Four Horsemen and anything with maggots started with Neil. Neil had the most influence on the opening, Terry on the ending. Apart from that, they just shouted excitedly a lot.

The point they both realised the text had wandered into its own world was in the basement of the old Gollancz books, where they’d got together to proofread the final copy, and Neil congratulated Terry on a line that Terry knew he hadn’t written, and Neil was certain that he hadn’t written either. They both privately suspect that at some point the book had started to generate text on its own, but neither of them will actually admit this publicly for fear of being thought odd.


This happens a surprising amount in any good collaboration. “That’s a great line!” “You wrote it.” “No, I’m pretty sure you did.”

Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch (2006 edition) - appendix by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman (via hapfairy)

Yeah daggerpen and I have this epic fic we wrote that we both insist the other wrote most of

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Oh man, co-writing is EXHILARATING. For hobbitkaiju and me, HK does the bulk of the actual writing (anywhere from 60-90% of a given chapter, depending on how inspired he is/how distracted I am, as he’s the more accomplished and experienced writer between the two of us and he moves faster and gets stuck less often)*, but usually as a result of long conversations both before and during and the ideas tend to come from each of us equally. In fact, both Made to Measure and Sweet Thing came from things I initially described to him and he RAN with, to my unending delight. We’ve got sort of a “you set’em up, I’ll knock’em down” process going, with me motivating and him executing.

But the reason that the co-writing works so well for us is that we are almost always on the same wavelength about what we want to see written, regardless of who actually gets it on the page. The best is when one of us writes something or suggests an idea and the other goes YES THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING WOULD HAPPEN. If we were focused more on who wrote what than on what got written, I think it’d be a struggle not to feel possessive over our “own” sections or start comparing (I’d probably feel bad about our relative word count, but as it is I just don’t give a fuck :D), which would make it harder to just get the story to the best place it can be.

As it is, we also both go over and edit everything regardless of who wrote it, which tends to smooth out any rough edges, and I for one edit his bits just as ruthlessly as I edit my own and expect the same in return. So if you were to make a guess of who wrote any particular thing, HK would be your best bet statistically, but otherwise I think you’d have trouble telling.** In fact, some “favourite lines” that I’ve seen people quote have quite literally been joint efforts, where one of us wrote something that inspired the other one to re-write it or add to it and make it even better. I don’t think we’ve had a line yet where neither of us can remember writing it, but maybe someday. XD It sure would be easier if the fics would start writing themselves.

*One exception is that I write 60-90% of our closing lines/paragraphs. The usual conversation is, “Hey, Thax, how does that look? Done enough?” “Hmmm, almost there… just one last finishing touch… there!” I’m the cherry on top of his giant delicious smutty feelsy sundae, basically.

**Unless you happen to be astute enough to notice a difference in Canadian or American spelling, because neither of us bothers to conform to the other’s particular regional differences, even when we’re editing. XD

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Feminist Dragons

Inspired by X


Yeeeees it’s happening!

I love how the Internet can take a weird idea, proclaim that it’s unassailably true, and then rapidly actualize that truth.

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Fantasy lizard people where the females don’t have breasts they just figured out that bras are perfect for holding heat packs.

Fantasy lizard people where the males figured this out too and can’t understand why humans keep mistaking them for females because obviously they have five brow spikes not six like females do??

I have a dire need for this.


I tried

omg it’s so cute

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Leave me a number and pairing, get a drabble


  1. Introduction
  2. Love
  3. Light
  4. Dark
  5. Seeking Solace
  6. Break Away
  7. Heaven
  8. Innocence
  9. Drive
  10. Breathe Again
  11. Memory
  12. Insanity
  13. Misfortune
  14. Smile
  15. Silence
  16. Questioning
  17. Blood
  18. Rainbow
  19. Gray
  20. Cookies
  21. Vacation
  22. Mother Nature
  23. Cat
  24. Orly?
  25. Trouble Lurking
  26. Tears
  27. Foreign
  28. Sorrow
  29. Happiness
  30. Under the Rain
  31. Flowers
  32. Night
  33. Expectations
  34. Stars
  35. Hold My Hand
  36. Precious Treasure
  37. Eyes
  38. Abandoned
  39. Dreams
  40. Rated
  41. Teamwork
  42. Standing Still
  43. Dying
  44. Two Roads
  45. Illusion
  46. Family
  47. Creation
  48. Childhood
  49. Stripes
  50. Breaking the Rules
  51. Sport
  52. Deep in Thought
  53. Keeping a Secret
  54. Tower
  55. Waiting
  56. Danger Ahead
  57. Sacrifice
  58. Kick in the Head
  59. No Way Out
  60. Rejection
  61. Fairy Tale
  62. Magic
  63. Do Not Disturb
  64. Multitasking
  65. Horror
  66. Traps
  67. Playing the Melody
  68. Hero
  69. Annoyance
  70. 67%
  71. Obsession
  72. Mischief Managed
  73. I Can’t
  74. Are You Challenging Me?
  75. Mirror
  76. Broken Pieces
  77. Test
  78. Drink
  79. Starvation
  80. Words
  81. Pen and Paper
  82. Can You Hear Me?
  83. Heal
  84. Out Cold
  85. Spiral
  86. Seeing Red
  87. Food
  88. Pain
  89. Through the Fire
  90. Triangle
  91. Drowning
  92. All That I Have
  93. Give Up
  94. Last Hope
  95. Advertisement
  96. In the Storm
  97. Safety First
  98. Puzzle
  99. Solitude
  100. Relaxation

My fandoms I will write almost any pairing for are….

Marvel Cinema Universe


The Hobbit

Lord of the Rings

Rise of the Guardians

I need to get the creative juices flowing, so send me something. 

But let’s stick to The Hobbit for right now. Since that’s kinda what I need to write anyway. 

lets try this again shall we? I need a break from my current project to recharge so pick a number and give me a Hobbit pairing. Anything but Dwori or incest. 

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The backlog of rape kits has put justice on hold for a lot of people. Back in 2009, more than 11,000 untested kits were found in a Detroit Police Department storage facility. Some were more than 25 years old.

Mariska Hargitay speaks on some of the issues surrounding the rape kit backlog in Detroit, Michigan. #endthebacklog (x)

It costs between $1,000 – $1,500 to test every single rape kit. There are over 10,000 kits left in Detroit’s rape kit backlog. Your donation can go directly to testing them. Donate to the Detroit Crime Commission’s backlog initiative by clicking here.

I am pretty explicitly anti-police in every respect. But I support Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy and her push to catalogue the egregious backlog of unprocessed rape kits in Detroit. 

Her work has already identified countless serial rapists in southeast Michigan, and will continue to identify these rapist pieces of shit as she moves forward.

Who cares if this process leads to conviction or not. Just give us the list. We can take care of the rest.

"After Detroit tested the first 10% of its backlogged kits, authorities were able to link cases to 46 serial rapists." (x)

Just think about it: 46 serial rapists. And the evidence against them was out there, all the time, in those backlogged kits. And that’s just 10% of them

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… The Winter Soldier killed Howard and Maria Stark…

Bucky killed Howard and Maria Stark.


Make the goddamn connection. ‘Accident’ my ass…

I know it wasn’t the real Bucky. He was buried underneath a shit ton of Hydra brainwashing and memory loss. But just the idea of him murdering Tony’s parents without even knowing is unimaginable and it hurts my heart. Fuck you Marvel and all your damn feels. 

Not just murdering Tony’s parents, but murdering a man Bucky no doubt knew personally and might have considered a friend, murdering someone who helped Steve rescue him from the HYDRA base and who we can be 99.99999% sure Bucky himself would not have wanted to kill.  

I didn’t catch this and now everything hurts.

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Ice Cream Roses


If you ever want to bring me flowers, these are the kind I like.

So we finally know what kind of ice cream Rumple would buy for Belle…


I actually live near a place that does ice cream roses.

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Wendy’s is doing the same thing.

Will wonders never cease.

Reblogging this because it keeps showing up on my dash and I keep not-quite raining on the parade, but it seems like everyone thinks this means something different than it does, so I guess I’ll rain on it a little bit.

I’m afraid this motion has nothing to do with conquering the gender binary or whatever Tumblr is really happy about to be reblogging it so heavily. It’s not about making little children feel like they can get whichever toy they prefer. It’d be nice if it was, but I’d be shocked if that was the case.

No, the girl toy here is a My Little Pony. Which means that the *real* reason for this notice is that a bunch of bronies, as there are bajillions of photos and videos of them doing, are coming into fast food restaurants and buying several happy meals. They threw pissy fits when asked if they wanted the “boy or girl” toy, insisting that My Little Pony isn’t for girls or whatever, again, only saying this because of overwhelming evidence that bronies do this shit. Management eventually has enough of it, asks employees to just ask if people want Skylanders or My Little Pony so they won’t have any more disgusted bronies getting mad that their precious fandom is targeted at crappy dumb little girls.

So the short version is: this little paper unfortunately means the exact opposite of what you think it means, socially speaking. It was put up because grown-ass men get all pissy when it’s suggested that they like a thing for girls.

Proof: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2014/04/editorial-how-to-buy-mcdonalds-ponies.html <— this was posted on the net’s biggest brony hive on April 10, 2014. So yeah, this is sadly not about anything else but how awful bronies are, sorry.


Bronies ruin everything.


So the outcome SEEMS like it’s gender neutral, while the ACTION is actually male (Brony) as the default (customer). I just… I will never get this Broni thing? Ok? Never. I wasn’t a MLP girl as a child, but this thing makes it hard to even get INTO it now.

And just brings up a thing I saw the other day - where someone was wishing AppleJack and Rainbowdash could be made to act and appear ”more feminine’.

… Yeah. Not even my fandom and I’M all WTF?!

I can’t even.

A few months ago, I’d have tried to ‘feel’ it by imagining if Fedoras took over She-Ra or JEM. But then, Fedoras actually took over JEM so - yeah.

I am never going to be ok with Bronies and here’s why. The first time I met my boyfriend’s nieces, I was chatting with their mom and I noticed that they are all in love with MLP.  And I mentioned the movie and she said they went once, but she decided not to take them again because the first time there had been too many adult men without children in the audience.

So, the reason I’m not ok with it is that adult men have taken over a space intended for young girls.  And they’ve done so in a way that makes that space no longer safe for young girls. 

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I don’t think you understand how accurate this is.

this is so relevant it hurts.

The amount of truth to this…I have no regrets 

I used to think this meme was over exaggerated. 

Then I actually became a college student.

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Reblog this if you are literally suprised when people find you attractive.

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"Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible Nature. Unaware that this Nature he’s destroying is this God he’s worshipinng."

—Hubert Reeves (via cosmofilius)
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this guy pulled out his dick in front of like 5 billion feminist protestors holy shit

Some context for the idiots claiming the women are overreacting:

This occurred at a Slut Walk. For those not familiar with it, the Slut Walk is basically a peaceful protest seeking to eliminate the rape apologism so prevalent in society. The basis is that no woman is “asking for it,” with “it” being rape. It’s not a feminist protest; it’s a human rights protest.

Many of the protesters, as you can probably imagine, have dealt with sexual harassment or rape in their own lives. Many of them have structured their daily activities to avoid being raped. The gathering is supposed to be a place for them to feel empowered and able to recover in the company of those who understand what they’ve been through or who will not blame them.

Nobody at a Slut Walk will tell a survivor that it’s her fault. They will not ask what she was wearing to provoke her attacker. Nobody will say she had too much to drink. Nobody will tell the men in the group that they are inherently rapists themselves, and nobody will tell a male survivor that his experience “wasn’t really rape.”

Then, this fellow comes along. He sees this gathering of survivors and their supporters, and to him, it’s a joke. He sees feminazis. He sees girls who are taking “a bit of fun” too seriously. And what does he do? He exposes himself to this group of survivors and supporters - some of whom are, in fact, underage.

He sexually harasses literally hundreds of women in one act. Aside from public indecency, there was cruel intent in his actions. He wanted to make them uncomfortable. He wanted to “put them in their place.” Other photos from this event show him flipping the protesters off and laughing at their anger.

And there are still people defending his actions. There are those who still feel like these women were asking for itand that they deserved to be harassed for trying to claim they weren’t. There are those who feel that women should be taught a lesson this way, and they applaud this man’s actions.

So no, he didn’t pull out his dick in front of feminist protesters. He harassed dozens - if not hundreds - of rape survivors. The reaction to his actions alone outline the purpose of the Slut Walk.

For those of you still doubting whether what he did was wrong (and I do wonder if there’s something wrong with you, if you have doubts), let me give you an analogous situation. Imagine a gathering of black civil rights activists. Imagine Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, and all their colleagues gathered together to demonstrate that being black did not make them lesser people. That being black and living in the South did not mean they were “asking” to be the target of hate crimes.

And at this gathering, a white man decides he should teach them a lesson by pointedly hanging a noose from the nearest tree and laughing at their anger. And other white men, laughing along with him, commend him for taking these activists down a peg.

That’s what happened here. It’s not an “OMG, I can’t believe he did that!” moment. It’s an “OMG, there are people who think this is okay” moment. And the fact is, it’s not. It never will be. And that’s the take home message of this ridiculous rant I’ve written up.

And this is why we still need feminism.

this made me cry holy shit

That was hands down one of the most well-written and beautiful responses I have had the pleasure to read. Thank you

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When the trio had to take turns wearing the horcrux, it enhanced all their bad thoughts and Harry couldn’t even cast a patronus. Umbridge on the other hand wore it to work to enhance her own blood staus, reveled in interrogating muggle-borns and her patronus was strong and glowing with contentment. Wearing a piece of Voldemort’s soul around her neck had no adverse effects on her at all. If that doesn’t underline just how vile a character she is, the I don’t know what does.

Oh God I’ve never thought about that before

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CollegeHumor: The 10 Lies You Tell Yourself Every All-Nighter

I can confirm all of this as true

This is me right now

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